University Police

To report an emergency dial 911 (on-campus phone) or 336.758.5911.

The Student’s Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act requires institutions of higher learning to issue an annual report describing campus security procedures, facilities, policies, crime prevention programs, statistics, and other information. The purpose of the report is to give individuals in the University community the information they need for their personal safety and security while on campus. A copy of this annual report is available online at For further information regarding this policy, please call 336.758.3567.

Safety Services

If a safety escort is required after 3 a.m., one can be provided by calling University Police at 336.758.5911, calling 911 from a campus telephone, or utilizing one of the “call-box” telephones found around campus. The safety escort service is provided by either a police officer in a patrol car or a walking security officer. The timeliness of a safety escort’s arrival is dependent on the availability of personnel and the number of high-priority calls to which they may already be committed.

Persons requiring ADA assistance or other special transportation needs that prohibit them from using one of the regular shuttle stops should call University Police at 336.758.5911 (ext. 911 on campus) for alternate arrangements.

Wake Forest University provides a safety app, powered by LiveSafe that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. LiveSafe is a free personal mobile application for Wake Forest University students, staff, and faculty to engage in a two-way conversation with WFU police. With LiveSafe, you can use your cell phone as a personal security device that allows direct access to police, 911 emergency services, emergency location sharing, information sharing with quick tips, and a peer-to-peer SafeWalk tool. Registration with a Wake Forest University email address is encouraged.

Summon Help – Trigger 911 or the WFU Police Department with the press of a button. Based on your cell phone signal and if your location services is enabled a GPS locator is activated during your call.

SafeWalk (a peer-to-peer tool) – Invite friends and family to temporarily follow your location on a real-time map. They will see your approximate location as you walk to your destination and will know when you get there safely.

Share information – Submit tips or reports about campus safety concerns and live chat with campus safety officials. You can attach a picture, video, or audio and even send it anonymously if you choose.

Access Campus Resources and Emergency Information – Access campus resources, emergency information, and important phone numbers.