Information Systems supports University instruction, research, and administrative needs through computing and telecommunications services. The University’s computing resources serve both academic and business needs. Wake Forest’s network infrastructure includes a 10-gigabit-per-second Ethernet backbone, a mixture of 100-Megabit and 1-Gigabit-per-second switched connectivity to the desktop, and pervasive wireless connectivity in all campus buildings and select outdoor locations. 

All students are given a WFU account. This account is maintained as long as the student is enrolled and provides access to networked computer resources such as electronic mail, client software packages, various courseware applications, and administrative services. Students are able to reset their forgotten password or change their expired password through a self-service password management portal, Eduroam provides a secured WiFi network for visiting students to use their home institution’s WiFi credentials to access WiFi network services. Our students can take advantage of this service by using their Wake Forest credentials when visiting other eduroam participating institutions.

All undergraduate students are required to have a laptop with minimum configuration requirements to be able to handle all academic software. Students have the choice to bring their own device or purchase a laptop through the WakeWare program. WakeWare provides students the opportunity to purchase a specially selected laptop configured to run academic technology at a negotiated price, bundled with extended warranties and protection, and provided with on-campus support. WakeWare evaluates new models, as available, to offer the most up-to-date technology to our students. WakeWare laptops have been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with academic software. Students receiving institutional aid qualify for a grant to cover the full cost of the WakeWare Standard computer and have two years to redeem their grant. 

The Service Desk, a service center, located on the main floor of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library provides on-campus support for all IT-related questions and assistance. The Tech Shop, located in the Service Desk, is an authorized Apple, Dell, and Lenovo ThinkPad service center.  With extended Service Desk hours, the online help portal, AskDeac, as well as Live Chat, there are extensive options for getting IT help. In addition, the IS website provides timely announcements and in depth service-related content. 

All students have access to licensed software and tools, via software@WFU, for coursework, degree projects, and research; including SPSS, a statistical package used for data analysis, forecasting, and financial modeling; Maple; and Matlab, an interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, and data analysis.

Students also have access to computing resources outside the University. The University is a member of:

  • The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), located at the University of Michigan. Membership in ICPSR provides faculty and students with access to a large library of data files, including public opinion surveys, cross-cultural data, financial data, and complete census data.
  • EDUCAUSE, a national consortium of colleges and universities concerned with computing issues.
  • Eduroam, a global wireless network access service for research and education, accessed using Wake Forest credentials.

Information Systems maintains an extensive array of online resources, including the Wake Information Network (WIN), Banner, and more, that support University admissions, student registration, grade processing, and other academic applications. 

For advanced software with high computing requirements, WFU offers cloud-based virtualization. Engineering, among other departments, utilize a performance Workspace to run software, such as AutoCAD and COMSOL, needed for their Capstone Projects. The Wake Forest University Distributed Environment for Academic Computing (DEAC) cluster, a Linux-based High Performance Computing cluster provides supercomputing services academic research and coursework. These systems are available to students 24 hours a day through the Wake Forest University Network.

Students have unlimited access and full-time support using the One Button Studio, a fully automated video production facility, located in Z. Smith Reynolds Library behind the IS Service Desk. Wake Forest also has a student run Makerspace, named the WakerSpace. The space allows students to not only build physical projects using technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and solder stations, but also to learn skills such as podcasting, knitting, sewing, and woodworking through workshop partnerships with Facilities, Information Systems, and other resources across campus. By offering both academic and non-academic programs, the WakerSpace serves a broad range of interests across campus.

Information Systems offers cable television and streaming services. All residence hall rooms are equipped with cable TV connections and/or the ability to stream cable TV. Cable and/or streaming services provide access to campus information, news, weather, select HDTV channels and DVR recording via Stream2