Statements concerning expenses are not to be regarded as forming an irrevocable contract between the student and the University. The costs of instruction and other services outlined herein are those in effect on the date of publication of this bulletin, and the University reserves the right to change without notice the cost of instruction and other services at any time.

Charges are due in full on August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. Faculty regulations require that student accounts be settled in full before the student is entitled to receive an official transcript or diploma, or to register for classes.


Fee Per Semester Per Year
Full-time $29,354 $58,708
Part-time $2,434/semester hour*
Audit Fee $75/semester hour

Students should expect an increase yearly in tuition. Students must obtain approval for part-time status prior to the beginning of the semester from the Office of Academic Advising to be eligible for part-time tuition.

Students enrolled in the College or in the School of Business for full-time residence credit are given full privileges regarding libraries, laboratories, athletic contests, concerts, publications, the Student Union, the University Theatre, and Student Health Services. Part-time students are granted the use of the libraries, laboratories, and Student Health Services but not to the other privileges mentioned above.

Students are required to arrive on campus by the last day to add a course for each semester. 

Room Rates

Room Type Per Semester Per Year
Deacon Place rooms $6,216 $12,432
Single rooms and all apartments $5,983 $11,966
Double rooms $5,072 $10,144
Triple rooms $4,506 $9,012

Meal Plans

All resident students are required to sign-up for a meal plan. Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle and the minimum plan for your housing type. To select your plan, first, log in to the Housing PortalOff-campus residents may purchase a meal plan, but are not required to do so. For specific details on all meal plans choices, including the specific meal plans and prices, please visit Deacon Dining’s website.

All students, regardless of class year, can change (increase or decrease) their meal plan for the fall semester through August 1, adhering to area and class year minimums. Plan decreases for the fall semester are not allowed after August 1; however, plan increases will be accepted through September 30 adhering to area and class year minimums. Plan decreases for the spring semester are not allowed after January 3; however, plan increases will be accepted through January 31 adhering to area and class year minimums. 

Summer meal plans are nonrefundable. Fall and spring meal plan adjustments due to withdrawal are based on the last day residing in the Residence Hall and follow the University Official Schedule of Refunds for Withdrawal or Continuous Enrollment. 

Deacon Dollars

In addition to a meal plan, students may also purchase Deacon Dollars. The Deacon Dollar account is a debit account system on the student ID card that allows purchases throughout campus.

Meal  Plan Options

Meal Plan Food Dollars Cost/Semester
Freedom Plan $400 $3,935 (Available to everyone; Includes 10 Guest Meals)
Black Plan $400 $3,314 (Available to everyone, including first-year students)
Base Plan $400 $2,950 (First-year students minimum, available to everyone)
Gold Plan $800 $2,865 (Available to all upper-class and off-campus students)
Screamin’ Plan $450 $1,959 (Minimum for Quad, Palmer/Piccolo, Dogwood & Magnolia. Also available to Apartments, Road Houses and off campus only)
Apartment Style Plan $300 $1,124 (Minimum for all Apartments (including Martin & Polo) and Road Houses. Also available to off-campus students)
Commuter Plan $250 $704 (Available to off-campus students only)**
Forestry Plan $150 $2950

Other Fees 

An admission application fee of $85 is required with each application for admission to cover the cost of processing and is nonrefundable.

An admission deposit of $1,500 is required for students applying to Wake Forest University. All admissions deposits must be submitted to the director of admissions and are nonrefundable. The applicable deposit is credited to the student’s charges for the semester for which he or she has been accepted for admission.

A tuition deposit of $500 is required by March 31st of students enrolled in the spring semester who expect to return for the fall semester. It is credited to the student’s fall semester University charges and is nonrefundable.

Individual instruction music fees are required in addition to tuition for students enrolling for individual study in applied music in the Department of Music and are billed to the student account by Student Financial Services. The fee is $325 for ½-hour music classes and $650 for 1-hour music classes with a maximum fee of $650 per semester.

A one-time nonrefundable new-student orientation fee of $270 is charged to all new and transfer students in the fall semester.

A mandatory nonrefundable student health fee of $490 per year is charged for all full time students.

A mandatory nonrefundable student activity fee of $200 per year is charged to all full time students. 

A mandatory nonrefundable wellness fee of $372 per year is charged to all full time students. 

A study abroad enrollment fee of $3,522 per semester is charged to students enrolled in an Affiliate (non-Wake Forest) program. 

A continuous enrollment fee of $100 per semester is charged to a student who has been granted continuous enrollment. 

Library fees are charged for lost or damaged books and are payable in the library.

Returned check fee of $25 is charged for each returned check or returned DEAC payment by the Office of Financial Services

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Premium. Wake Forest University requires health insurance for all full-time, degree-seeking students. Students who demonstrate coverage that meets our criteria may waive the insurance provided by WFU. Students may apply for a waiver or enroll online beginning June 1st. Premiums for student health insur­ance will be determined each year and published on the Wake Forest University website. Complete details and criteria can be found online

 Medical Leave Continuous Enrollment Status. Students enrolled in the health insurance plan may continue coverage for a maximum of one year while on medical continuous enrollment status approved by the University. Students must intend to return and remain a degree-seeking candidate and remit appropriate premiums. To determine if you are eligible, please contact Student Blue for more information at 800-579-8022 or Ann Madigan at 336-758-4247.