Students wishing to study abroad on an affiliate program must visit the Center for Global Programs and Studies for assistance and procedures. Affiliate programs are approved study abroad programs offered through program providers or other universities. GPS maintains an online database of approved Affiliate programs here. In addition, GPS has a collection of printed materials of approved programs. All students planning to study abroad are required to meet with a study abroad advisor. GPS staff advises students regarding their program options. Students will not receive credit for participation on any unapproved study abroad program. 

Course Approval Process. Once a student is accepted to a study abroad program, he or she must start the course approval process by scheduling an appointment with a study abroad advisor. In no case may a student undertake study abroad elsewhere without completing this process in advance to the satisfaction of GPS, the Registrar’s Office, and the academic departments which oversee course credit approval. Students may not register for fewer than 12 hours or more than 17 hours on a semester study abroad program without the permission of a dean. Department chairs approve specific courses and the number of credit hours earned for those courses.  

Grades for approved courses on affiliate study abroad programs will appear on the Wake Forest University transcript, but will NOT be calculated into the Wake Forest grade point average (see section on transfer credit). Students must follow the drop/add policies of the host institution. If the program does not have any relevant policies, then the Wake Forest policy is applied. If a student withdraws from a study abroad program, he or she must notify GPS, the Registrar’s Office, and Student Financial Services; the rules for withdrawal, as stated in this Undergraduate Bulletin, also apply. For more information, consult GPS. 

Students may request to have scholarship and financial aid applied toward Affiliate programs. Scholarships for study abroad are also available. Additional information is available in GPS and the Office of Student Financial Aid.