All enrolled divinity students who must withdraw from the University may do so by completing a withdrawal form and submitting the form to the Office of Academic Affairs. Ordinarily, a withdrawal signals the intent not to return to the University. Students who intend to return to the University should follow the process for Leave of Absence. Withdrawal/Leave of Absence forms are available on the Academics page of the school's website. 

While forms completed prior to the semester drop deadline will not result in academic penalties, meeting the deadline may not prevent negative implications for merit and need-based financial aid. Withdrawing from the University within the period allowed for dropping and adding courses may result in partial or total charges for the term and may alter scholarships, grants, and loan amounts, according to the published schedule. Students who borrow under federal loan programs are responsible for repaying loans granted based upon full-time enrollment. Students are strongly urged to discuss the financial implications of all withdrawals from the University with the financial aid office.

Withdrawing from courses after the last day to drop courses and before the last day of classes may result in academic penalties. If a student withdraws after the drop deadline and, in the judgment of the professor, is passing a course, a grade of WP will appear on the transcript and does not affect a student’s grade point average. If in the judgment of the professor the student is failing a course, a WF will be granted and will appear on the transcript. The grade of WF does factor into a student’s overall grade point average and as such may negatively affect academic standing. A course abandoned with insufficient reason for withdrawal is assigned the letter grade F. Students who drop all courses are considered withdrawn from the University. A student who has withdrawn from the School of Divinity and wishes to return within one academic year must reapply with the assistant dean of admissions and student services at least one month prior to the semester in which they wish to re-enroll.