During the Add/Drop period, a student may drop a course without penalty or notation on the transcript. The Add/Drop dates for full-term courses are set by the University Registrar. For all other courses, including weekend courses, the drop date will be 8 days before the course begins, or the date set by the Registrar, whichever is sooner.

After the Add/Drop period, a student may withdraw from a course with the approval of the associate dean of academic affairs, the professor, and the student’s faculty adviser. If the student has completed passing work for the course, the grade of Withdraw Passing (WP) is assigned. Courses marked WP are not counted in determining the grade point average. If a student is failing the course, the grade is WF and counts as a 0 toward the grade point average.

Students may access Add/Drop and Withdrawal/Leave of Absence forms on the Academic Resources website and in the Office of Academic Affairs. Students are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from courses to be eligible for a refund of tuition. Nonpayment for classes for which a student is registered or non-attendance in a registered class does not release the student from financial obligation, and it does not result in withdrawal from a course.