The Salamanca Internship Program is for students interested in improving their Spanish by working in a professional setting abroad. Student go during the first or second summer term and receive academic credit for an internship in one of a wide range of fields, including medicine, business, education, translation, interpreting, sports, political science, and sociology. No particular major is required for eligibility. Students must have completed one course beyond SPA 212 or SPA 213.

Students in the internship program typically take a 3h internship along with one other course listed below. The program includes several day trips to cities of cultural and historical interest. Students typically live with host families.

Courses in the Spanish major/minor available to summer internship students include:

SPA 199Internship in Spanish Language1.5,3
SPA 303ILanguage Study in the Context of an Internship1.5,3
SPA 315The Making of Spain: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Cultures of Spain3
SPA 319Literary and Cultural Studies of Spanish America3
SPA 369Special Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies1.5,3
SPA 391Internship in Spanish for Business and the Professions1.5-3

Program Director: Kathryn Mayers

Applications available at the Center for Global Programs and Studies