The Chile Immersion Program is for students interested in studying Spanish at one of Latin America’s top-ranked universities, the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile. The program begins in June with an optional intensive language course in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It continues in July with a three-week traveling seminar to Patagonia, and it concludes with a fall semester in the capital city of Santiago. No particular major is required for eligibility. Students are normally of sophomore, junior, or senior standing and have successfully completed SPA 212 or the equivalent.

Students typically take 4-6 courses during the semester. All courses are in Spanish. Students may choose to do an internship. The program includes a number of day and overnight trips to sites of cultural and historical interest. Students typically live with host families.

Courses that count for general elective credit towards graduation include:

SPA 195Spanish Language and Culture1-3

Courses that count for elective credit towards the Spanish major/minor include:

SPA 304Selected Topics in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture3
SPA 329Intermediate Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies3

Courses that count for seminar credit towards the Spanish major/minor include:

SPA 366Advanced Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies3

Additional courses for credit in Spanish and other departments may be found here.

 Program Director: Peter Siavelis

Applications available at the Center for Global Programs and Studies