The School of Divinity does not require that students live in University housing. Most students prefer to make their own arrangements for housing with the assistance of the Office of Admissions and Student Services in the School of Divinity. Options available range from individual rooms in University-owned properties adjacent to the campus to private apartments.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing, located in the University Services Building, serves as an information center for individuals who wish to advertise rooms, apartments, and houses for rent or sale. It also provides a place for students to list information if they are interested in finding a roommate to share expenses. Off-campus facilities listed with the Office of Residence Life and Housing are not screened. The University serves as an information source and does not assume responsibility for placement, lease agreements, or landlord-tenant relations.

School of Divinity students provide for their own meals. Community lunches are provided by the School of Divinity, area churches, and other groups once a week after chapel. Drink machines, microwave ovens, and refrigerators are available in the lower auditorium of the Divinity and Religious Studies Building.

Divinity students may elect to purchase one of the University’s optional board plans. A cafeteria and a buffet service dining room are located in Reynolda Hall, and food courts offering fast food are located in the Benson University Center. For more information, contact:

ARAMARK Campus Dining Services
Box 7393
Winston-Salem, N.C., 27109

Visit for more information.