Wake Forest University is committed to the health and well-being of all of its students. Health insurance is required as a condition of enrollment for your admission to the School of Divinity. The School of Divinity is not associated with nor do we endorse a particular insurance plan. The Wake Forest University Student Insurance Plan is one option you may choose from should you not already have coverage.

Student Health Insurance Premium. Wake Forest University requires health insurance for all full-time, degree-seeking students. Students who demonstrate coverage that meets our criteria may waive the insurance provided by WFU. Students who only need part-time status to complete their degree are eligible for the student insurance. International students will be allowed to waive enrollment in the student insurance, if they are covered by a plan reviewed and approved by the University. Premiums for student health insurance will be determined each year and published on the Wake Forest University website. Complete details and criteria can be found at http://sip.studentlife.wfu.edu/.

Medical Withdrawal or Medical Change to Continuous Enrollment Status. Students enrolled in the health insurance plan may continue coverage for a maximum of one year while on a medical leave or on medical continuous enrollment status approved by the university. Students must intend to return and remain a degree-seeking candidate and remit appropriate premiums. To determine if you are eligible, please contact Student Blue for more information at 800.579.8022.