A student may request to take an independent study (IDS) course with a faculty member. Independent study courses provide students opportunities to complete advanced academic research or creative activity in a field of theological inquiry. It is suggested, but not required, that independent study courses follow upon the completion of required courses in the curricular areas most relevant to the proposed independent study project or theme. It is also suggested, but not required, that students design IDS courses using a syllabus template provided by the Office of Academic Affairs. 

The following rules apply for this option:

  1. An independent study will count only as a general elective course, not as a required course or a required elective.
  2. A student may take no more than 6 hours of independent studies in the MDiv program.
  3. A student must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in order to register for an independent study.
  4. A student must be in their fourth, fifth, or sixth semesters of MDiv study to register for an independent study.
  5. A request for the study must be made in writing by the student to the faculty member.
  6. The faculty member must be convinced that special circumstances warrant the request.
  7. The terms for an independent study must be put in writing and agreed to by the student and the faculty member.
  8. No faculty member is obligated to offer independent studies.
  9. Credit varies from one to three hours.