The Board of Trustees has empowered the president with the authority to suspend students from the University in “cases of clear and present danger to lives and property and in instances of violence to persons.” Such suspensions are to be reviewed by the regular judicial bodies within 14 school days.  

A student may be subject to administrative withdrawal from the University when, in the judgment of the director of the Student Health Service, the director of the counseling center, or the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Services, and with the concurrence of the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life, the student:

  1. Engages, or threatens to engage, in behavior that poses a significant danger of causing imminent physical or psychological harm to self or others, or
  2. Directly and substantially impedes the activities of members of the University community, including other students, University employees, and visitors.

The standard and procedures to be followed are on file in the Offices of the Vice President, Student Affairs, and the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Services.