Wake Forest is an equal access institution that admits qualified applicants without regard to disability. When a student with a disability is admitted, the University seeks to accommodate those needs that are determined to be reasonable and that do not compromise the integrity of the curriculum.

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) provides study skills training and counseling. Students can learn to read critically, take notes effectively, manage their time, improve their motivation, increase their reading speed, and prepare for tests. Assistance is provided through counseling and individual and group tutoring. Students with a wide range of learning and other documented disabilities may also receive academic support, training, and advocacy through the Learning Assistance Center. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm (excluding Holidays).

Students with a disability who require accommodations, should submit a request and documentation to one of the individuals listed below, depending on the nature of the accommodation requested. The information a student provides will be treated confidentially and will be shared with other administrators or faculty members only to the extent necessary to reach decisions and take actions on requests for accommodations.

Please make an appointment at the Learning Assistance Center once you arrive on campus.

Additional information on disability services is available on the Learning Assistance Center website.

If an accommodation is granted, students are responsible for obtaining copies of the accommodation letter from the Learning Assistance Center and for delivering a copy of the letter to their professors at the beginning of each semester.
Regarding medical or mobility issues:

Cecil D. Price, M.D.
Student Health Service
P.O. Box 7386
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Phone: 336.758.5218

Regarding learning issues:
Michael Shuman, Ph.D., Director
Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services
P.O. Box 7283
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Phone: 336.758.5929