The Southern Cone Program is for students interested in studying Spanish and a range of topics related to Latin America in two different capital cities of South America. The program begins with a three-week culture course in Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by a full semester in Santiago, Chile. No particular major is required for eligibility. Students are normally of sophomore or junior standing.

Students typically take 5-6 courses during the semester. HMN 186 and one course taught by the Resident Professor are required. Students may choose to do an internship. The program includes 2-3 weeks of travel to sites of cultural and historical interest. Students typically live with host families.

Courses in the Spanish language sequence that are offered as needed include:

SPA 111Elementary Spanish I3
SPA 112Elementary Spanish II3
SPA 154Accelerated Intermediate Spanish3
SPA 213Encounters: Hispanic Literature and Culture4

Courses in the Spanish major/minor that are offered as needed include:

SPA 303Spanish Conversation3
SPA 319Literary and Cultural Studies of Spanish America3

Courses in the Spanish major/minor that are offered on a rotating basis include: 

COM 270Special Seminar (Cine Chileno: Una Visión de la Historia (1940-1979))1-3
POL 242Topics in Comparative Politics3

Additional courses in English and Spanish are available on a rotating basis.

 Program Director: Peter Siavelis

Applications available at the Center for Global Programs and Studies