Requires a minimum of 19 hours in Spanish courses numbered 280 and above. It must include:

SPA 280The Spanish-Speaking World: Portals and Perspectives3
SPA 309Grammar and Composition *4
or SPA 309L Grammar and Composition for Heritage Speakers of Spanish
Select one of the following Genre courses:3
Anecdotes, Bestsellers, Cuentos. The ABCs of Storytelling in the Spanish-Speaking World
Bard, Ballad, Bolero. Poetry, and Song in the Spanish-Speaking World
Page, Stage, and Performance. Theater and Drama of the Spanish-Speaking World
Lights, Camera, ¡Acción!. Cinema and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World
Select one of the following Regions course:3
The Making of Spain: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Cultures of Spain
Paradise in Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Wider Caribbean
Distant Neighbors: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Mexico and Central America
The Andes to Patagonia: Interdisciplinary Approaches to South American Culture
Literary and Cultural Studies of Spanish America
Select three credit hours from SPA 330 - SPA 3953
Select three additional hours of elective credit from Spanish classes numbered above 280 **3

Students must achieve a GPA of 2.0 in the minor.