Date following name indicates year of appointment. Listings represent those faculty teaching either full or part-time during the fall of 2017 and/or spring 2018.

George R. Aldhizer III (2001)
Associate Professor of Accountancy
BS, BA, Richmond; PhD, Texas Tech.

Derek R. Avery (2015)
David C. Darnell Presidential Chair in Principled Leadership and Professor of Management
BS, Tulane; MA, PhD, Rice University.

Terry A. Baker (1998)
Associate Professor
BA, Miami; MS, Illinois; MBA, Chicago; PhD, Kentucky.

Roger L. Beahm (2005)
Professor of the Practice
BS, MBA, Colorado (Boulder).

Mike Beeler (2017)
Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice
BS, Penn State; MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill.

S. Douglas Beets (1987)
BS, Tennessee; MAcc, PhD, Virginia Poly.Inst. & SU.

Ann C. Bliss (2016)
Visiting Professor of the Practice
BA, University of California, San Diego; JD, University of San Diego.

Robert R. Bliss (2004)
BS, Purdue; MBA, PhD, University of Chicago.

Derrick S. Boone (1997)
Associate Professor
BA, UNC-Chapel Hill; MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson; PhD, Duke.

Holly H. Brower (2005)
Associate Professor
BS, Wake Forest University; MS, Iowa State; PhD, Purdue.

John A. Butler (2017)
Visiting Professor of the Practice
BBA, University of Notre Dame; MBA, University of Texas (Austin).

Jeff Camm (2015)
Inmar Presidential Chair in Business Analytics & Professor
BS, Xavier; PhD, Clemson.

Thomas G. Canace (2009)
Associate Professor
BS, St. Joseph's; MBA, Duke; PhD, South Carolina.

Anna Cianci (2010)
Associate Professor
BS, Villanova; MA, St. Joseph's College; MS, Wake Forest University; PhD, Duke.

James F. Cotter (2001)
Associate Professor
BSCE, New Mexico State; MBA, Indiana University; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

William L. Davis (1996)
Teaching Professor
BA, Carson-Newman College; MA, Wake Forest University; PhD, Ohio State.

Pat H. Dickson (2006)
BS, MS, Mississippi College; PhD, University of Alabama.

Lisa Drogoni (2015)
Exxon-Wayne Calloway Fellow & Associate Professor
BA, Franklin & Marshall; MA, George Washington; PhD, University of Maryland.

Jonathan E. Duchac (1993)
D. Wayne Calloway Professor of Accountancy
BBA, MAcc, Wisconsin-Madison; PhD, Georgia.

Mark E. Evans (2014)
Associate Professor
BBA, MBA, Radford University; PhD, Duke.

Jason Goddard (2008)
Adjunct Professor of the Practice
BS, MBA, UNC-Greensboro.

Haresh Gurnani (2015)
Benson-Pruitt Professor of Business
BE, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi; MS, PhD, Carnegie Mellon.

Sean T. Hannah (2012)
J. Tylee Wilson Chair in Business Ethics and Professor
BA, California State University; MBA, MA Syracuse University; MA, Marine Corps University; PhD, Nebraska.

Frederick H. deB. Harris (1990)
Dean's Fellow in Investments and Professor
BA, Dartmouth College; PhD, University of Virginia.

Kenneth C. Herbst (2007)
Sisel Fellow and Associate Professor
BA, Wake Forest University; MA, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

E. Clayton Hipp Jr. (1991)
Adjunct Emeritus Senior Lecturer
BA, Wofford; MBA, JD, South Carolina.

Philip Howard (2016)
Visiting Instructor
BS, MS, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Jennifer Hudson (2006)
Visiting Lecturer
BS, Wake Forest University .

Charalambos L. Iacovou (2001)
Kirby Chair in Business Excellence & Professor of Management
BS, Vermont; PhD, University of British Columbia.

Timothy R. Janke (2007)
Full Professor of the Practice
BS, UNC-Chapel Hill; LLM, JD, Oglethorpe; MBA, Wake Forest University.

A.J. Jarachovic (2017)
Visiting Professor of the Practice
BSBA, Ohio State University; MBA, Cleveland State University; MFA, University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Benjamin T. King (2007)
Bern Beatty Faculty Fellow and Full Professor of the Practice
BA, University of Virginia; MBA, Wake Forest University.

Ged King (2014)
Adjunct Professor of the Practice
BS, North Carolina State University.

Susan I. Langlitz (2014)
Associate Professor of the Practice
BS, Towson University ; MA, Emerson College; PhD, University of Maryland.

Alireza Lari (2011)
Associate Teaching Professor
BBA, University of Tehran; MBA, PhD, Texas.

Denis Maier (2014)
Associate Professor of the Practice
MS, Karlsruhe (Germany); PhD, TU Munich (Germany).

Stanley W. Mandel (1998)
Associate Professor of the Practice
BS, Tulane; MBA, Kellogg GSM; PhD, Texas Tech.

Bill Marcum (1996)
Wall Street Partners Fellow & Associate Professor
BA, Furman; MA, UNC-Greensboro; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Gordon E. McCray (1994)
AT&T Fellow and Associate Professor
BS, Wake Forest University; MBA, Stetson; PhD, Florida State.

Patrick R. McMullen (2003)
Associate Professor
BS, Louisville; MBA, Butler; PhD, Oregon.

Peter W. Mitchell (2012)
Adjunct Professor of the Practice
BA, UNC-Chapel Hill; MBA, Dartmouth College-Tuck School of Business.

Norma R. Montague (2010)
Associate Professor
BA, MA, NC State; PhD, University of South Florida.

Sherry E. Moss (2005)
BS, PhD, Florida State.

James A. Narus (1988)
BA, MBA, Connecticut; PhD, Syracuse University.

Robert C. Nash (1997)
Thomas K. Hearn Jr. Professor
BS, The Citadel; MBA, South Carolina; PhD, Georgia.

Steve H. Nickles (1995)
C.C. Hope Chair of Financial Services and Law and Professor
BA, MPA, JD, Arkansas; LLM, JSD, Columbia.

James R. Otteson (2013)
Thomas W. Smith Presidential Chair in Business Ethics
BA, University of Notre Dame; PhD, University of Chicago.

Ajay Patel (1993)
Thomas Goho Chair in Finance and Professor
BSc, St. Joseph's College; MBA, University of Baltimore; PhD, Georgia.

Matthew T. Phillips (2009)
John Hendley Fellow & Associate Teaching Professor
BA, JD, Wake Forest University; MDiv, Duke.

Jonathan P. Pinder (1990)
Associate Professor of Management
BS, NC State; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Barbara R. Prestwood (2017)
Adjunct Teaching Professor
BS, Western Carolina University; MBA, High Point University.

Bruce G. Resnick (1995)
Joseph M. Bryan Jr. Professor of Banking and Finance
BBA, Wisconsin; MBA, Colorado; DBA, Indiana University.

Lauren Rhue (2014)
Exxon-Wayne Calloway Fellow & Assistant Professor
BS, Stanford University; PhD, NYU Stern.

Michelle Roehm (1997)
Peter C. Brockway Chair of Strategic Management and Professor of Marketing
BS, MS, Illinois; PhD, Northwestern.

Scott M. Shafer (1998)
BS, BBA, PhD, Cincinnati .

Whitney L. Simpson (2017)
Visiting Associate Professor of the Practice
AB, Davidson College; Master of Taxation, University of South Carolina.

Bryan Starrett (2016)
Adjunct Professor of the Practice
BS, Wake Forest University; JD, University of Virginia.

Michelle D. Steward (2004)
Associate Professor
BA, MBA West Florida; PhD, Arizona State.

Deon Strickland (2008)
Teaching Professor
AB, Harvard; MBA, Boston College; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

John Sumanth (2013)
James Farr Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor
BS, Miami; MBA, Florida; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Cynthia Tessien (2010)
Full Professor of the Practice
BS, Wake Forest University.

Ron L. Thompson (2000)
John B. McKinnon Professor of Management
BMath, University of Waterloo; MBA, McMaster; PhD, University of Western Ontario.

J. Bren Varner (2006)
Senior Lecturer
BS, Wake Forest University; MBA, University of Virginia.

Amy Wallis (2012)
Bern Beatty Fellow and Full Professor of the Practice
BA, University of Scranton; MS, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth.

Julie H. Wayne (2003)
Associate Professor
BS, Furman; MS, PhD, Georgia (Athens).

G. Page West III (1995)
BA, Hamilton; MBA, Dartmouth; PhD, Colorado (Boulder).

Jack E. Wilkerson Jr. (1989)
D. Wayne Calloway Professor of Accountancy
BS, Bob Jones; PhD, Texas.

James B. Willis (2013)
Full Professor of the Practice
BS, Master of Taxation, Virginia Commonwealth.

James W. Woods (2011)
Associate Professor of the Practice
BFA, UNC-Chapel Hill; MEd, Erikson Institute of Loyola Chicago.

Ya Wen Yang (2009)
Associate Professor
BBA, Tunghai University; MBA, Illinois; PhD, Tennessee.