Degree Requirements

The requirements for the MS degree are met by selecting either the thesis option or the non-thesis option, and by selecting one of two possible tracks for coursework.

Thesis Option

If a thesis is written, 30 semester hours of coursework, including MST/STA 791, 792 and at least four additional 3-hour courses numbered above 700 are required for the MS degree.

MST/STA 791Thesis Research I9
MST/STA 792Thesis Research II9
At least four additional 3-hour MST/STA courses numbered 700 or above:12
Total Hours30

Non-Thesis Option

If a thesis is not written, 36 semester hours of coursework, including at least five 3-hour courses numbered above 700, are required for the MA degree. MST 791/STA 791 and MST 792/STA 792 cannot be counted as part of this coursework. 

Pure Mathematics Track

For the pure mathematics track, an advanced course is required in each of analysis, algebra and topology; normally this requirement is met with the courses MST 711, MST 721, and MST 731.

Advanced course in each of algebra and topology:
MST 721Abstract Algebra3
or MST 722 Abstract Algebra
MST 731Topology3
or MST 732 Topics in Topology and Geometry

Mathematical Statistics Track

For the mathematical statistics track, STA 612 is required, along with an advanced course in each of probability, statistical inference, and linear models; normally this requirement is met with the courses STA 710, STA 711, and STA 712. All elective courses in either track may be taken in either MST or STA.

Advanced course in analysis:
STA 611
STA 612
Statistical Inference
and Linear Models
Advanced course in each of probability and linear models:
STA 710Stochastic Processes and Applications3
STA 712Generalized Linear Models3

 With the approval of the Graduate Committee, graduate courses may be taken in related areas to fulfill requirements; however, no more than 6 such hours may count toward the requirements for either the thesis or non-thesis option.

For additional degree requirements, see Requirements for Degrees.