The School of Divinity allows students to register for a limited number of general electives on a pass/fail basis rather than for a letter grade, with the permission of the instructor. Courses taken under the pass/fail option yield full credit when satisfactorily completed but, whether passed or not, they are not computed in the student’s grade point average. Dates to change from grade to pass/fail mode, or from pass/fail to grade mode, are set by the University Registrar.

The pass/fail option is limited to general elective credits, including elective courses taken to satisfy the language requirement. In no case may a student use a course taken in the pass/fail mode to satisfy a required course (including required disciplinary electives and area requirements). This limitation does not include required courses offered only in the pass/fail mode.

A student may count toward the MDiv degree program no more than 6 hours taken in the pass/fail mode. This number does not include courses that are offered only in the pass/fail mode. No more than 7 hours may be taken on a pass/fail basis in any one semester.

Courses taken through the Graduate School cannot be taken in the pass/fail mode.