Requires a total of 18 hours.

WGS 221Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGS 321Research Seminar in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
Select a minimum of 12 additional hours12

If courses not designated WGS are taken, they must be from an approved list on file with the chair of the department; examples of these courses are listed below. Students may count no more than 6 hours from their major(s) toward the minor. 

Students pursuing the minor are encouraged to take WGS 221 in the first or second year, two or three courses in the second and third years, and complete the remaining hours, including the capstone research seminar (WGS 321), in their senior year.

Electives for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

All courses are subject to approval for the major and the minor. Special Topics courses must be in a relevant area. Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The chair of the department maintains a complete list of all official elective courses.
Courses in the Humanities
AES 357Studies in Chicano/a Literature3
ART 351Topics in Gender and Art3
CLA 252Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Antiquity3
EAL 241Gender in Japanese Literature3
ENG 340Studies in Women and Literature3
ENG 344Studies in Poetry (when topic relates to WGS)3
ENG 357Studies in Chicano/a Literature3
ENG 371American Ethnic Literature3
GES 390German Women Writers3
HST 324Fashion in the Eighteenth Century3
HST 336Gender and Power in African History3
HST 337Women and Gender in Early America3
HST 338Sexuality, Race and Class in the United States since 18503
HST 359Prostitutes, Machos, and Travestis: Sex and Gender in Latin American History3
HST 388Nation, Faith, and Gender in the Middle East3
HMN 223African and Caribbean Literature3
HMN 224Cross-cultural Encounters in Morocco3
HMN 290The Humanities through Film, Literature and Media3
ITA 335Italian Women Writers3
ITA 336Italian Women and the City3
MUS 208Women and Music3
REL 318Feminist and Contemporary Interpretations of the New Testament3
REL 345The African-American Religious Experience3
REL 388South Asian Women: Religion, Culture and Politics3
SPA 348Contemporary Women Novelists and their Female Characters3
Courses in the Social and Natural Sciences
AES 310Race, Class, and Gender in a Color-blind Society3
ANT 332Anthropology of Gender3
ANT 333Language and Gender3
COM 318Culture and Sitcom3
COM 320Media Theory and Criticism3
COM 340American Public Discourse I3
COM 341American Public Discourse II3,4
COM 370Special Topics (when topic is "Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality")1-3
LIN 333Language and Gender3
POL 229Women, Gender, and Politics3
POL 277Feminist Political Thought3
PSY 265Human Sexuality3
PSY 359Psychology of Gender3
PSY 364Stereotyping and Prejudice3
SOC 153Contemporary Families3
SOC 305Gender in Society3
SOC 309Sexuality and Society3
SOC 347Society, Culture, and Sport3
SOC 359Race and Ethnic Relations3
SOC 360Social Inequality3