Requires 17 hours in Physics, which must include:

PHY 111Mechanics Waves and Heat4
or PHY 113 General Physics I
or PHY 123 General Physics I - Studio Format
PHY 114General Physics II4
or PHY 124 General Physics II - Studio Format
PHY 215Elementary Modern Physics3
PHY 262Mechanics3
Pre- or Co-requisite Courses:
MST 113Multivariable Calculus4
MST 205Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations4
or MST 251 Ordinary Differential Equations

Students may substitute CHM 341 for PHY 341 toward the required hours in physics.

MST 251 can substitute for MST 205 for the MST requirement for the minor, but not for specific course pre- or co-requirements, unless already specified in the course description.

Students interested in the minor should contact the faculty member responsible for advising physics majors. (Inquire in Olin Physical Laboratory, Room 100.)