Candidates for the minor are required to take the following courses for a total of 18 hours.

HMN 200Introduction to Humanities: Themes in Literature, Culture, and Film3
HMN 220Historical Perspectives on the Humanities3
Select one of the following:3
The Humanities through Film, Literature and Media
The Humanities and History: Intersections of Public History and the Public Humanities
Environmentalism, the Humanities, and Gender
Digital Approaches in the Humanities
Social Entrepreneurship and the Humanities: Innovation, Public Engagement, and Social Change
Select nine hours of Approved Electives9

HMN 389 and HMN 390, a year-long research project, can count as an elective towards the 18 hour requirement. When these courses are in progress, the student is assigned a minor adviser who assists in planning the purpose and detail of the student’s curriculum.

Electives for Interdisciplinary Humanities

Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The program director maintains a complete list of all approved elective courses. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this bulletin.

EAL 221Themes in Chinese Literature3
EAL 222Traditional Chinese Literature3
EAL 231Early 20th-century Chinese Modernism3
EAL 252Chinese Cinemas3
EAL 253Japanese Film: Themes and Methods3
EAL 270Contemporary Japanese Culture3
EAL 271Mass Culture in Modern China3
EAL 272Literature and Film from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Beyond3
GES 337Myth and National Identity Formation3
HST 113Health, Disease and Healing in World History3
HST 339Sickness and Health in American History3
HON 258Venice in Art and Literature3
REL 329/629Chinese Medicine3
REL 367/667Christian Mysticism3