The coursework requires the following five courses (3 hours each), for a total of 15 hours, plus some notable prerequisites (see individual course descriptions for details):

HPA 150Introduction to Public Health3
HPA 250Internship in Health Policy and Administration3
ECN 240Economics of Health and Medicine3
HES 360Epidemiology3
Elective in Health Policy and Administration *3

Elective Courses for Health Policy and Administration

May choose one course from the following electives. Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this publication.

ANT 362Medical Anthropology3
HES 312Exercise and Health Psychology3
HPA 262Special Topics3
HST 311Special Topics in History (when topic is Controversies in American Medical History)3
HST 339Sickness and Health in American History3
PHI 161Introduction to Bioethics3
POL 216U.S. Social Welfare Policy3
PSY 322Psychopharmacology3
SOC 335Sociology of Health and Illness3

As many of the required courses involve prerequisites, students should plan ahead to ensure they can meet all of the requirements in four years. The following schedule suggestions may be helpful:

First Year
Core and Divisional Requirements, including:
ECN 150Introduction to Economics3
Applied Statistics (various departmental courses)
HPA 150Introduction to Public Health (fall)3
HES 360Epidemiology (spring)3
Elective 3
HES 360Epidemiology (fall)3
Elective 3
ECN 240Economics of Health and Medicine (fall)3
HPA 250Internship in Health Policy and Administration (spring )3

Students are advised to declare the minor early, before completing the coursework.