Students in the Writing minor will develop their academic, critical, and rhetorical writing skills in ways that enhance their major courses of study. By moving beyond the competencies introduced in the first-year writing seminar, the Writing minor will provide students with opportunities to practice, refine, and extend their skills as academic, professional, and creative writers. The curriculum, composed of new and existing courses in rhetoric and writing, as well as writing-enhanced courses across the disciplines, prepares students to participate in various writing situations both inside and outside the academy.

At least 18 credits of coursework, including:

Select one 3-credit gateway course3
Select one 3-credit capstone course3
Select an additional six credits from upper level writing courses6
Select six credits from elective or upper-level writing courses6

Gateway Courses: Introduction to the Minor

WRI 210Advanced Academic Writing *3
or WRI 212 Literary Nonfiction: Art of the Essay

Upper Level Writing Courses

Minimum of 6 credits:

WRI 210Advanced Academic Writing3
WRI 212Literary Nonfiction: Art of the Essay3
WRI 306Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing1.5,3
WRI 307Contemporary Theory of Rhetoric and Writing1.5,3
WRI 310Interaction in Language: Introduction to Written Discourse Studies3
WRI 320Writing in and about Science: Scientists as Writers and Writers as Scientists3
WRI 340Practice in Rhetoric and Writing *3
WRI 341Writing Center Pedagogy3
WRI 344Magazine Writing3
ENG 309Modern English Grammar3
ENG 390The Structure of English3

Writing Electives

Any upper level writing course or writing-enriched courses across the disciplines that do not satisfy the gateway course or the 6 credits toward the minor may be used as electives. (A list of writing enhanced courses will be found on the Writing Program’s webpage.)

Writing Minor Capstone

WRI 350Writing Minor Capstone3

The Writing Minor is intended to complement a student’s major, and “double dipping” is discouraged. No more than one course may count toward another program of study.