The Licensure minor in secondary professional education requires 30 hours:

EDU 201Educational Policy and Practice3
EDU 201LField Lab I2
EDU 307Instructional Design, Assessment, and Technology3
EDU 311Learning and Cognitive Science3
EDU 309LIntroduction to Secondary Education2
EDU 354Content Pedagogy3
EDU 364LField Lab IV9
EDU 365Professional Development Seminars3
EDU 395Teaching Diverse Learners3
Select a major in one of the following secondary license areas:

Exit Requirements

Students must maintain at least a 2.7 GPA while enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. Candidates for professional licensure must pass all appropriate state required standardized tests.

Minor in English Education

33 hours, including:

ENG 265British Literature before 18003
ENG 266British Literature 1800 to the Present3
or ENG 275 American Literature
Select two pre-1800 British literature courses
Select one 300-level English course from Genre and Asthetics
Select one 300-level English course from History and Literary History
Select one 300-level English course from Culture
Select one 300-level English course from Single Author
Select at least one 200-300 level writing or creative writing course
Select at least one 300 level course matching the following criteria:
American Literature
Multicultural or World Literature
Linguistics or Grammar
Poetry, Theatre/Drama, or Film



MST 112Calculus with Analytic Geometry II4
MST 113Multivariable Calculus4
MST 121Linear Algebra I4
MST 321Modern Algebra I3
MST 331Geometry3
MST 357Probability3
Select three other courses beyond MST 113


Licensure in the individual fields of science: biology (34 hours), chemistry (34.5-35.5 hours for BA), and physics (25 hours). All courses must be from the same courses required for majors in those fields.

Social Studies

30 hours, including:

Select six hours from European or World History6
Select six hours from U.S. History6
Select six hours from Nonwestern History6
Social Sciences
Select one course from Economics3
Select one course from Geography3
Select one course from Political Science3
Select one course from Anthropology or Sociology3