Requires 18 hours. 

AES 251Race and Ethnic Diversity in America (during the second or third year at Wake Forest)3
AES 234Ethnicity and Immigration (or equivalent)3
Select a 3-hour course from the behavioral and social sciences 3
Select a 3-hour course from the humanities3

This structure gives students an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of American ethnic studies within the context of the traditional liberal arts curriculum.

Electives for American Ethnic Studies

Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The program director maintains a complete list of all approved elective courses. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this bulletin. 

ANT 374North American Archaeology3
ANT 377Ancestors, Indians, Immigrants: A Southwest Cultural Tapestry3
COM 330Communication and Conflict3
COM 339Practices of Citizenship3
COM 340American Public Discourse I3
COM 341American Public Discourse II3,4
COM 350Intercultural Communication3
EDU 305The Sociology of Education3
ENG 377American Jewish Literature3
ENG 379Literary Forms of the American Personal Narrative3
ENG 381Studies in African-American Literature3
HMN 320Fathers and Daughters3
HST 271African American History to 18703
HST 272African American History since 18703
HST 338Sexuality, Race and Class in the United States since 18503
HST 341Africans in the Atlantic World, 1750-18153
HST 358Race and the Courts3
HST 376Civil Rights and Black Consciousness Movements3
HST 390Research Seminar (Race, Class, Gender and Resistance in the American South)4
HST 390Research Seminar (Slave, Narrative and Memory)4
MUS 203Jazz3
MUS 207American Music3
POL 223African American Politics3
POL 224Racial and Ethnic Politics3
POL 278Politics and Identity (on-campus only)3
PSY 357Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSY 364Stereotyping and Prejudice3
REL 103AIntroduction to Christian Traditions3
REL 345The African-American Religious Experience3
SOC 348Sociology of the Family3
SOC 359Race and Ethnic Relations3
SOC 360Social Inequality3
WGS 377Special Topics (Ethnohistory of Native-American Women, in any semester in which this topic is taught)3